About the Service

A taste of Japan from the comfort of home!

”Omiage” is a revolutionary subscription service where you can receive hand-picked Japanese snacks and treats to enjoy from the comfort of your own home! The treats delivered monthly are unique and of high quality. So now, let’s “travel around Japan” to your heart’s content!

High quality and jam-packed lineup

There are more than 20 items in a box!
Top class and high quality products only found in Japan are delivered monthly straight to your door.
Savor the Made in Japan Quality of our products!

A complete guidebook to enhance your trip

Enclosed in the box is a 24-page guidebook to assist you.
It provides detailed information on Japanese culture and this month's items.
Rest assured, the allergy information and expiration dates are also included.

Affordable pricing

The subscription fees are set at a clear and affordable price.
Choose the plan that best suits you.

How it works


and receive a monthly box of curated snacks, rewards, and more.


authentic snacks packed with care and delivered to your door.

We ship

We pack your box in Japan and send it to you every month.


Try authentic flavors on your own taste adventure!

All our products are shipped directly from Japan!

Special treats only found in Japan and delivered to you in as short as 1-2 weeks!
You’ll be able to easily relish on souvenirs from all over Japan in the comfort of your home.

A taste of Japan from the comfort of home!