About Omiage

What is “Omiage”?

Omiage is a new monthly subscription service that delivers a carefully selected assortment of treats from all over Japan to your doorstep!
The special treats can only be obtained by visiting a specific area.
Each month, you will receive items from different areas, allowing you to enjoy the excitement of traveling all over Japan from the comfort of your own home.

What is the meaning of “Omiage”?

In Japan, the word "souvenir" means "to share a memory.”
Since ancient times, there has been a culture in Japan of purchasing items associated with travel destinations and giving them to family and friends.
In the past, traveling was extravagant, so people shared their trip with family and friends by telling stories and giving them things from the trip, also serving as proof.

“Souvenirs” and Traveling

Nearby every sightseeing area, there are always local themed souvenir shops lined up in rows.
Traveling and souvenirs are closely intertwined.

A taste of Japan from the comfort of home!