About the Makers

The Finest Confections Representing Japan

"Omiage" has special confections offered by famous confectionery makers from all over Japan.
None of them are available overseas and can only be purchased in Japan.

Using Only Carefully Sourced Ingredients

All of the ingredients made by our partner manufacturers are handpicked, from the flour and sugar used as ingredients to the water used to make them.
This is what makes the quality of the confections so distinct from that of ordinary ones.

Masterclass Techniques By Expert Artisans

Omiage's confections are all exceptional products made by expert artisans who spend a great deal of time and effort to create them.
We hope you will enjoy these fine pieces that are the results of masterclass skills.

Artisan's Philosophy on Confectionery

The sweets made by Japanese confectionery artisans carry the message that "We want you to know more about Japan" and "We hope you will come to appreciate Japan."
The carefully crafted items will bring the "joy of traveling" to your heart.
We hope you will truly taste the passion of the artisans along with the sweets.

supporting companies

Kaishian Ishikawa

Kaishian Ishikawa is a high-end confectionery manufacturer located in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture.
The company's history dates back to the Meiji era, and it proudly boasts a long history of over 100 years.
It is a well-known long-established confectionery company that every one in Ina City is familiar with. Its famous confectionery "Chi-zukkii" is a hallmark product that the locals usually buy when there is a celebration.


GRAND SUR is a confectionery manufacturer with a store in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.
Being specifically particular, the owner personally sources all of the ingredients.
The theme of the shop is a harmony of Japanese and Western styles, and it is famous for its unique confections that cannot be found anywhere else.

Kugani Confectionery

Kugani Confectionery Head Office is a confectionery maker located in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture.
The family has been making confections for two generations, and most of the processes are done by hand.
Their trademark product, Chinsuko, has been used as an in-flight snack on ANA's international flights because of its delicious taste.

A taste of Japan from the comfort of home!