Our message

What spurred us to launch this service was a request from a friend from abroad.
It was just a simple favor: "Please send me a Japanese looking souvenir," but it became a major turning point in considering what attracts people to Japan. 
It seems that less than 6% of people who love to travel have been to all 47 prefectures of Japan.
This means that there are still many gems lying dormant in Japan that are even unknown to the locals.
There is so much to Japan's unique culture, traditions, cuisine, events, and so on.Unfortunately,if you do not have the opportunity to learn about them, they will remain forever hidden to you.
We would like to offer everyone around the world an opportunity to learn about the hidden charms of Japan and to become more fascinated with this country.
This is how the Omiage service was born.
We hope you will enjoy Omiage's "Trip to Japan" to the fullest.

C.E.O Shunsuke Setoguchi