"Japanese Food" Acknowledged Worldwide

"Japanese Food" Acknowledged Worldwide

Because of its geographical location and historical background as an island nation, Japan has developed a unique food culture that differs from that of other countries. After opening its borders to the rest of the world, a wide variety of food cultures flowed into Japan, but the tradition of Japanese food has never been threatened.

In any time period, the refined traditional Japanese food has always been touted to be "amazing!" In 2013, Japanese food was registered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Japan by UNESCO, and has grown to have a large number of passionate fans all over the world.

In this article, we will introduce the fascination of Japanese food culture, which is acknowledged around the world.

The Appeal of Japanese Cuisine

How did Japanese food become a globally recognized gourmet cuisine? We will unravel the fascination of Japanese cuisine that has captivated food lovers around the world.

Japanese Cuisine Born of Subtraction

Many ingredients in one pot, and then oil, seasonings, and heat are added... In this way, Western and Chinese cuisine are created by concept of "addition."

On the other hand, how about Japanese cuisine? Take sashimi, for example, using only fish, water, blood; all the unnecessary parts are removed, and of course, no heat is added. This is how Japanese food is born of "subtraction."

The reason for subtracting is to enjoy the original flavor of the ingredients. It is not enough to simply filet the fish you catch and eat it. The beauty of Japanese cuisine is to extract the maximum flavor and aroma from the ingredients without overpowering their original taste and aroma. To achieve this, everything unnecessary is eliminated and the ingredients are refined.

Japanese cuisine is all about bringing out the natural flavors of the ingredients. However, it is a culture that has taken root only in Japan, where ingredients with high quality and potential are abundantly available. The oceans, mountains, rivers, and other natural resources that Japan is blessed with are all top-class! And because these ingredients can be harvested throughout the country, you can enjoy them at their freshest wherever you are!


Japanese Cuisine that is Healthy for the Body

In the past, eating meat was considered taboo in Japan. Therefore, dishes that were prepared meat-free have long been developed.

Of course, there are dishes in which beef, pork, and chicken are used. However, the basic main ingredients are still rice, seafood, and vegetables. All of these are low in calories and are less demanding on the body. A diet free of animal fats and oils is the secret to the longevity of the Japanese people!

In addition, the basis of Japanese food is to eat rice, soup, and three side dishes at one meal. Naturally, many ingredients are consumed, which allows for an excellent balance of nutrients in the diet. Furthermore, seasonings used in cooking, such as soy sauce and mirin, are also fermented foods, which help to regulate the condition of the stomach and intestines.

With the world's growing health consciousness, it is only natural that there is a growing interest in Japanese food, which is healthy and very tasty!

Three Standard Japanese Dishes

This is the world-renowned Japanese "Washoku!" Here are some of the classic Japanese dishes that you must try at least once in your lifetime!


When it comes to Japanese cuisine, sushi is definitely the name of the game! The Japanese food boom has established sushi as a gourmet delicacy that is loved around the world.

Sushi in Japan was born from a combination of various factors, including the geographical location surrounded by the sea on all four sides and the historical background of rice as a staple food since long ago. The simple yet profound flavor of fresh seafood and well-seasoned vinegar rice offers an impressive taste unmatched by any other cuisine.

However, the appeal of sushi is not limited to the taste and appearance! One of the delights of eating sushi is the attention to detail that goes into its preparation, such as the skills of sushi chefs who have been honing their techniques for decades, as well as their detailed dining etiquette, all to ensure the maximum enjoyment of the sushi!


Tempura, with its crispy batter and the true flavors of seafood and vegetables, is one of Japan's most iconic dishes! Originally introduced from Portugal, this dish has been popular among Japanese people for a long time as a common dish, and is now considered as a well-known Japanese cuisine.

You can find delicious tempura at supermarkets, but when you come to Japan, be sure to visit a fancy tempura restaurant. Don't miss the entire process of how the chefs fry the tempura! You will enjoy the taste of it even more after seeing the awesome frying technique right in front of your eyes.

Miso Soup

Miso soup has always been a staple on the Japanese dining table. Unlike the more luxurious sushi and tempura, miso soup is a dish that is eaten at home on a daily basis. Because of its ease of preparation and delicious taste, instant miso soup can be found in supermarkets in many countries recently.

The process of making miso soup is simply dissolving soup stock and miso in hot water and throwing in the ingredients. The only conventional ingredients are tofu, wakame seaweed, and leeks. With just a few steps and these ingredients, you now have an exquisite dish!

The appeal of miso soup is its simple flavor, and even if you eat it every day, you will never get tired of it. Even if you are not Japanese, the moment you taste miso soup, you will feel a strange sense of familiarity and wonder.

Only in Japan Can You Be Truly Impressed

In this article, we have introduced the appeal of Japanese cuisine, which is world-renowned in Japan.

Nowadays, there are Japanese restaurants all over the world, making it easy to enjoy Japanese cuisine. But you should still try it at least once, in its authentic home, Japan! The skills of chefs with decades of training, fresh ingredients from the nearby sea and mountains... you will be truly impressed by what you can only experience in Japan!