Japanese Animation Transcends Borders

Japanese Animation Transcends Borders

Japanese anime has attracted a huge number of fans around the world due to its high quality. The anticipation for the next work never ceases as more and more works are released one after another, to the point of becoming a social phenomenon!

In this issue, we will unravel the secrets of why Japanese anime is loved well beyond the borders of Japan. We will also introduce some recommended titles to you, so please be sure to read to the end.

The Appeal of Japanese Animation

Let's quickly get started and discover why Japanese animation is so highly regarded around the world.

Captivating Adults

"Anime is for children". Japanese animation has shattered this stereotype! The thorough pursuit of drawing quality and story development that would impress adults were the keys to success.

Among these, "Neon Genesis Evangelion" created a boom among adults! Its unique worldview, including an intricate stage setting and grotesque battle scenes, was highly praised as an animation with a new aesthetic. Although it is now televised around the world, the anime started out quietly in the late-night hours.

Adults watching anime and laughing, getting angry, crying...nowadays it is quite normal, but it was a revolution brought about by Japanese anime.

Complex Psychological Depictions that Trigger Our Emotions

Japanese animation specializes in complex psychological portrayals. By skillfully depicting the psychology of the characters, it attracts the viewer's emotions and draws them into the animated world!

Psychological depiction is sometimes expressed directly through words and narration. However, in Japanese animation, the psychology of the characters is expressed through facial expressions, changes in behavior, and sometimes even changes in the background. One of the appeals of Japanese animation is that it can sometimes be interpreted in different ways depending on the viewer.

The History of Japanese Animation

The first animation in Japan was produced in 1917. Although it started out with the aim of following in Disney's footsteps, the facilities and know-how were still in its infancy, and it took an enormous amount of time to produce a single short animation.

"Astro Boy" was the beginning of the evolution of the Japanese animation industry! It was Japan's first animated television series and remains a classic among classics that has many fans to this day. With even only one broadcast per week, there wasn't enough production time, so efficient animation production methods were developed, and the level of Japanese animation rapidly advanced!

Next came feature-length animation. And along came Studio Ghibli! Ghibli's works, with their extraordinary quality, shocked the whole of Japan and popularized the way people enjoyed watching animation as a movie. 

In the 1980s, Japanese animation began to spread its wings around the world. Classics such as "Dragon Ball," "Mobile Suit Gundam," and "Sailor Moon" were released one after another! The ultimate example is "Spirited Away!" After winning the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film, it is no longer unusual to hear people say, " When it comes to animation, Japanese anime."


Three Classic Japanese Animation You Must Watch at Least Once

Japanese anime are all of such high quality that it is hard to choose. From here, we will pick up three of the best Japanese anime that you must watch at least once and introduce them to you. Once you watch these three titles, you will definitely become obsessed with Japanese anime!

Spirited Away

Spirited Away, the greatest Japanese animation of all time. It is the only Japanese animation to win the Best Animated Feature Film at the 75th Academy Awards and has been the number one box office hit in the world for almost 20 years since its release!

A young girl, Chihiro, and her parents are suddenly lost in another world. Despite Chihiro's concern, her parents violate the laws of the other world and are transformed into pigs... Can Chihiro return her parents to their original form? This is a story of a young girl who grows up strong through various encounters and experiences.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

"The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" is the work that made Mamoru Hosoda, the master director of Japanese animation, famous. More than 15 years have passed since its release, but it has not faded away and is still frequently aired on TV.

Makoto is a high school girl who has obtained the power to return to the past. While enjoying her free time, a male friend suddenly confesses his feelings for her. Unable to accept this fact, Makoto goes back in time and behaves in a way that prevents him from confessing his feelings to her, but this causes her to drastically change her own future as well as the futures of those around her...

Demon Slayer

The biggest hit in the history of the world, Demon Slayer. The movie, Demon Slayer: Infinity Train Arc drew approximately 41.35 million visitors worldwide and grossed 51.7 billion yen at the box office!

When Tanjiro returns home from work, he finds his family brutally slaughtered after being attacked by demons. Tanjiro's journey begins in order to return his sister, the only survivor, who has turned into a demon, back to human form and to take revenge on the demon that killed his family....

The film is a controversial work that has received many complaints for its extreme depictions and cruel storyline that made people want to cover their eyes. This exceptional work, which has stirred up controversy but has also achieved the greatest popularity in the world, is well worth a look!

"Sacred sites pilgrimage" - The Destination of Anime Fans

In this issue, we have introduced the appeal of Japanese anime.

Of course, you can watch it in the comfort of your own home or at a movie theater, but we also recommend "sacred sites pilgrimage" to visit the places that were used as models for the setting of the anime. It has become so popular, especially among anime fans, that as many as one million foreigners visit Japan each year to make a "sacred sites pilgrimage"!

There are as many as 5,000 sites in Japan that are connected to anime, so be sure to take on this challenge to enjoy your favorite anime even more!